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Princess Camp: The Musical

Mary Merryweather runs away from Princess Camp to prove she can be more than perfect.

An Action-Packed Musical Adventure to Meet Your Children's Theatre Needs


  • Runtime Approx 60-Minutes with Intermission

  • 12 Songs

  • Fully Orchestrated Tracks

  • Rehearsal Tracks Available

  • Alternate Script/Score Available for Larger Student Productions

Princess Mary Merryweather would rather be riding a horse than dancing at a ball. Too bad Princess Camp doesn’t have any horses. 


Tired of failing at all the things a  princess is supposed to be, Mary runs away. Between saving a prince, being chased by minions of the Evil Stepmothers Alliance, and some sword fighting fun, the forest provides the adventure Mary had hoped for. 


But getting out of trouble takes more than guts, and proving a princess can be anything she wants to be will take a little help from Mary’s friends. If Sleeping Beauty can stay awake that long.

Character Breakdown

Princess Mary Merryweather - A young princess who wants nothing more than to trade her tiara for a sword and a daring adventure.


Arthur - A young "would-be" king stuck between a rock (with a sword in it) and his destiny.


Lady Ladysworth - The matron of Princess Camp. A never-was princess.


Cinderella - Princess Camp's model princess and Mary's friend.

Sleeping Beauty - A kind-hearted, if sometimes sleepy, princess and friend of Mary.


Smudge - Minion of the Evil Stepmothers Alliance. Not the sharpest thorn in the briar patch.


Grudge - Minion of the Evil Stepmothers Alliance. Has some daddy issues, which he sings about.


Angry Rapping Bear - The only fluffy woodland creature Mary has ever managed to summon with her singing... and he's not happy about it.


Background Characters:

Red Riding Hood

Evil Witch

Hungry Wolf

Additional Roles for Larger School Productions


Angry Bear Back Up Dancers


Fairytale Creatures

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